Project Elvira – Intro and Update

Went a little sideways yesterday.

After mounting the Rear Wheels/Tires, the spring on the coilovers is up against the tire. BUGGER!

look fwd.jpg

Top view shows the same. The one plus side - it resolves how to mount the shock to thwe cage - drill or weld - now neither!
TOP View.jpg

I'll get on the corner weights anyway. I dug out the 2" wheel spacers and put those in. More than enough clearance to do the job.

The obvious fix will be a bit of construction - another Pushrod setup. Worked CAD this am - should be straight fwd, just time...

irs pushrod setup.jpg
The preferred option at this point is the lower drawing. Time and measurements will dictate.

Not TWO forward and ONE back. One Sideways! And another one forward.

Cheers - Jim
Do you plan to have a radiator within the duct you have pictured or a radiator on both sides? BTW, thanks for the tip on the Quickjack. I'm going to order one from the website. They are having a Valentines day sale. My wife will be so surprised!

For now... I have a single radiator for the Airbox. Had I seen the dual smaller ideas earlier - might be different. The aluminum box is the "canvas" and the radiator will have some fairing (foam and 'glass) to improve airflow. The slight notch at the front is to sort out airfoil sections as part of the body work. It also doubles as the interface to the splittermounted below (not built yet).

Continuing on the rear shock/tire interference... I have another idea and will most likely pursue it:
fabricate tabs + WELD.jpg

I'll fabricate tabs, bolt and weld in place. As long as the welder will be out, may as weld the mounts on the cage too!
Should get a fairly respectable force vector out of the wheel to the farme this way too.

Hope you wife likes the gift. Maybe better include some choclates - or flowers - just in case.

Cheers - Jim
Well, having got the bright idea, I checked out all the space to deal with. Nope - No room:
00 No Room 1.jpg

I slipped in a strut in place of teh coilover, and can't fit in a tab. Next checked out the space I would have available with the strut to a rocker:
01 4 inches minus 2.jpg

This is with the 2 inch space installed, so 4 inches (minus) 2 leave enough space to go withthe pushrod setup.
BTW, the lower one is a good idea - for the front. That pesky axle is in the way for the IRS.
MotorHead! Welcome aboard. Thanks for the nice comment. I need to get to work - hey you need a project. Interested in a trip south?

Cheers - Jim
Mine is a 3500 lift capacity. Beats using a floor jack:

View attachment 56545
I used my Quick Jack today. The 5000LT is too short to reach the lift points on a C8 Corvette, but they make an extension that just drops in and extends the length to 66". The extensions are heavy and they raise the lowered height of the jack by 1.5". If you need a longer length, I would get the 5000LTX that already has a 66" length. I still use elephant stands under the tires when I can as a safety precaution.

Quick Jack 1.jpgQuick Jack 2.jpg
Right on Pappy.. I never go under the car without either 4@1K corner lifts (like yours) or similar jack-stands.
The flipper strut is a nice feature - but I always seem to get it on the inside - so its's a pain to reach. But do anyway!

Cheers - Jim