WTB - HOKE Chevrolet dealership badge(s)


New member
Apr 25, 2008
Long time mid-year owner seeks this item from HOKE Chevrolet dealership, of
Lyndhurst,Ohio. These are those metal badges usually afixed to trunk lids, van
doors etc. Search all those junk yards that you may visit. Item can be pitted or
broken. Preferably complete. Let me be the judge and post a picture or two of
what you find. Thanks!
Why not take a Craigslist ad out in the city they were located in? Or, contact them if they are in business.
Glad to see that this post is still alive (like me)! I have had an ad in Cleveland CL for some time. I have purchased a few
emblems of the various designs (of other dealerships). I'm looking into having a 3D print made up to my specs.