Under 1000 lb track car


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Nov 5, 2011

Not said in the video - nor did I find on the webpage, but I assume it is a chain-drive? For about $2500-3500 more you could add a real transaxle (as I recall), with changeable rear end ratios. NOW - that would be killer.
Although, for a much smaller investment converting a sports racer - or rebody a formula ford could be cheaper - but you'd have another project!

Cheers - Jim

BTW I liked his comment about rego requirements in FL. Another +1 for the sunshine state!!
I bought some parts from a guy in Indy about 2000. He was a fabricator that made chassis parts for sprint cars. This is the time that CART and the IRL were fighting it out.

This guy had 3 Indy Lights cars in his shop that were owned by Tony George (IRL). George had bought up the CART Indy Lights cars presumably to replace them with hi "spec" cars. George was selling them off for about $30K each. It was a very cool car: Lola chassis, Buick engine, lot's of CART inspired tech.

I wish I had an extra $30K at the time. It would have been a blast to drive it on track days.