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Mar 25, 2008
Palm Bay, Florida
Some people have asked me why I went from vettes to Vipers. Why not buy a new Z06 or ZR1? Realistically, what does a '68 vette share in common with a new vette? OK, it's an american sports car but it ends there. Back in the day, Chevrolet always seemed willing to go a bit further than the competition; case in point, the L88 and ZL1, with 12.5 compression ratios and monstrosity camshafts. Cobras did it with light weight but were lacking in horsepower compared to the Chevy engines. Fast forward to the present time. The people engineering and building the current vettes are not of the same pedigree as Zora and company. One of the reasons I switched to Vipers is because a Viper is a far more pure road race car than a vette and also has a hell of a lot more performance potential. They are competitive to one another in stock form (only in performance - build quality, fit and finish are far superior on the Viper) but it ends there. The Z06 does not like boost because the current engineers used a thin cylinder wall small block, instead of a big block. Vipers love boost and my intention is to turbo my '06 Viper. As far as looks go, Z06's are great looking cars from some angles but look wacked from others. If they looked as good as my '68, I would not have defected. They don't. When a new vette comes down the street, it's not a big deal. When a Viper approaches, you better hold on to your balls because they could pop out of socket and embarrass your entire family.
Now, here comes the ZR1, with plenty of power but how did they get it? With a downsized small block (thicker cylinder walls) and a supercharger? Sorry, but Chevy doesn't get it and they never will. What I would like to see is a retro '69 ZL1 vette with over 500 cubes of aluminum big block thunder. Set it up for road racing and trim all the fluff. Oh damn, I just described the '08 Viper ACR. Isn't that fucked up?
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i hate the way a viper exhaust sounds.....like a cheap little 4 popper.

other than that its a great car.....as far as i know. The early vipers weren't very practical street cars.
i hate the way a viper exhaust sounds.....like a cheap little 4 popper.

other than that its a great car.....as far as i know. The early vipers weren't very practical street cars.

:shocking::shocking::evil:Hey, just because I have hauled 2x6x10' in my VETTE convertible on occation does NOT make it a lumber hauler either....

but it sure is FUN!!!!!

You want pix, next trip I get wifey poo to follow along and pix the thing, and show your the scars....

hell I can show them now...odd marks from merchandist hitting the roof hatch...

but it sure is FUN....and worth the STARES......

and GLARES.....

Turtle, you may not like the sound of the V10 in stock form. A friend of mine has Belanger headers and a fairly open exhaust and it sounds nasty. It is normally aspirated and puts down about 600rwhp. Personally, I couldn't care less if the car is not loud. In fact, if a car makes big power without being loud, all the better. Do my Vipers sound as intimidating as my solid lifter big block vette? Hell no but who cares? They haul ass. The Viper motor has a very thick powerband and pulls brutally in the midrange. The frame is awesome, being very rigid. I could go on and on but that would be boring. Just trust me, they are awesome cars.
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No problem,it just appears that it might be headed in the wrong ditrection,But i know the Bird is on the job so no worries :banned:
Vipers are cool, I saw a ROE supercharged Viper when I was in VA. I dunno, it just doesn't seem like my style though, I'm more of a C3 guy, and I'm happy with a 13 sec. car.

Well, until 2010...FIREdevil.gif
eh, I have hauled lotsa stuff in my warmed over SBC '72 vert....and ass is just one item on the long list....

Here is a little something. Don't let the British Queens ruin it for you.


Also, regarding block strength, here is this:



"For those challenged by arithmetic, this means the displacement of the ZR1's engine is 6.2 liters, the same size as the V8 of the standard 2008 Corvette. But, you say, "Why wouldn't they throw the supercharger on the 7.0-liter Z06 motor and make, like, a million horsepower?" Ron Meegan, the assistant chief engineer for the new 2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1's supercharged V8, replies, "The LS7 is a pretty polished beast. There's not much more to be had there."

Also there's the little issue of block strength. As it is, the 6.2-liter block, which is the same physical size as the 7.0-liter, had to be substantially strengthened for supercharged duty. Overall, the LS9's block is 20 percent stronger than that of the standard LS3".

Vipers are cool.
It sort of figures they'd be worried about the block. What happened to the days they used to get a BBC out of the box, throw a supercharger on top and a load of nitro and go funny car racing? Well, they did a lot of work on the block, I know, but you get the idea.
See, that's what I was saying, I mean why compare a 400 HP car to a 500 HP car? Given that both are lightweight 6 spd cars I think I could guess who would win in a drag race, and, given a more technical track the viper would've had its ass stomped.

I'd like to see a comparison between the Z and the SRT-10, but I already know what would win that one, it's a no-brainer.

So yeah, given the fact that they pitted the viper up against a car with less power and conducted tests which were power intensive, the viper is better.:skeptic: