Plastic Fantastic 2

Fingers crossed - I'd better get busy if I wanna make 2024!
We'll know where I am by Christmas - I hope!
I'm still in the negative self-talking from last year.... I know the sound of a BBC through sidepipes will cure that... but right now, I want a Camry

onto new brackets
which doesn't yet solve the problem - but it's a step
when I do my next BBC, I'm going to either embed the magnets in the balancer or run a reluctor wheel like they did on the 8.1 and 632 motors....
not ready to start, yet, but powered it up... and a solid nope
lights on, nobody home - connected my laptop to it, 'no communication'
On Sunday before things went to hell, I got the distributor plug installed and resolved a wiring issue so the tach will work

the next day, this important part arrived
building a wheel for our Search and Rescue groups Stokes litter

of course it has not moved one inch from there

also ordered and received a solid state relay (actually 4 relays) to gain some longevity and reliability

nope, not touched it either. Today, was feeling a lot better so got stuff done that needed to be done... but updates coming soon
oh and important Holley update. Display is dead. They're sending me a new one, a caution - apparently their warranty is only 90 days (and I probably knew that) so I should have powered it up to verify it worked.

Downside is I now know why people keep wanting to borrow my Sniper handheld - the handhelds are on backorder

But the good news here is twofold. First Holley is sending me a new handheld for free, but second, I can do all I need to from my laptop so it won't really slow me down.
so I did get FiTech's 'update' .... tried it tonight. I feel like sending them gold stars.
problem one, it doesn't actually clear
problem 2, it's not square to the throttle
problem 3, pretty sure it won't work in an optimal situation (e.g. one without an automatic)

not their problem but I suspect it won't clear the hood.

there has to be a better way, and it'll be me who builds it. As for FiTech, they're still in business even with all the negative publicity - good for them, poor suckers.
a bit of wiring accomplished
how I wire... bare wire connectors covered by shrink tube
and wiring in a MSD solid state relay. runs 2 fans, water pump, and fuel pump
Wow. Sounds like Fitech has serious issues. Good luck.