Old farts...


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Mar 25, 2008
A bunch of us "old fart Corvette guys" are tunning up for an autocross...12 of us went to K1 last night just for fun..we rented time just for us...(14 lap qualifier...then 16 lap race)....next will be our local Auto X track in San Diego...it's been awhile...:D

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I wish I had the time. I need to try that and see if I get hooked.
It is a work out...for $45 we got 14 gualifying laps....then a 30 minute break,then a LeMans start for a 16 lap race...these things hit 45 mph...does not sound fast,but when you go around some hair pin turns on this short track,that is flat moving out....tough part is a hard and fast rule of no bumping...we did a little bit of that,but they let us slide because we were all together in a group...

Bird..they have a facility in Anaheim,Irvine and Ontario...we have one in Carlsbad...
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