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Apr 6, 2008
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Dang near everything works on this ole 82, cept the speedo and tach lights. I have traced wires, been over every schematic I can find, no luck. I do have lights with dimmer on the gauges. Is there a seperate fuse? I actually put in a jumper to bring gauge power over to the tach and speedo side. Hate to do that but I am tired of pulling the dang dash out, again........
Had only maybe 1-2 late shark dashes out, so I don't remember much...but like my early shark, '72, I think you need check the grounds on the clusters...they are jumpered together with metal loops and two plugs into the harness in my car....I hope you don't have a burnt out/defective Printed Circuit or that's bux, I understand....and am rather surprised it's available still....

The lights are all wired through the printed circuit. There must be a problem there or maube one of the contact tabs that fold in to where the large connector on the back slides in is messed up.

Check the entire printed circuit for breaks in the trace lines

Thanks guys. I put a meter on the wire that should be bringing power to the cluster lights. I am seeing no 12V not even a blip. As above, it must be a ground, connection, or somewhere in between :cry:.

I was under looking for one last time last night and I noticed this wire being cut. It is brown, with the arrow pointing to it. It is cut just below this picture. It plugs into fuse box which appears to be labelled LPS. For lamps maybe? My electrical diagarams fail to showmuch detail in this area.

Any thoughts?


Weird, Go to "Downloads" and then under electrical, there's a complete 82 diagram there
Right click Save when you stumble across it :)

The CFI stuff I scanned from the shop manual.
Update! I pulled dash, again, this weekend. Found a split on trace that showed good with meter until it was pressed into place, then it opened up. Thanks!

BTW, Twin Turbo, I did not realize you were from the Netherlands, kewl. Lets have a forum cruise-in in Bonaire. One of the best parts of your country! Great place to dive.

Are you anywhere near Lichtenvoorde? Killer concert "Everygrey" 2008-07-27 Zwarte Cross Festival, can I stay with you, I'll bring car parts with me :)

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