Mufflers...2.5 inch


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Mar 24, 2008
NE Florida
I have a 2.5 inch with H pipe behind the tranny on my SBC '72 , so the stock muffs have taken a dive....

what muffs will be the best for a nice hotrod bass sound, nothing farty or rappity sounding, and have NO RESONANCE at that typical 1800 rpm cruise....

the system is rear exit....

sytems is temporarily welded up now, but not long for the world....

Got any pictures? I want to ditch my 2" pipes and replace them with 2.5 and some sort of crossover soon. I also want to make them removable for maintenance purposes.
I went with Flowmaster 40's. They are loud on acceleration, and at 65 mph, you can hear them, but it's just a nice rumble.

I've always like the Flowmaster sound. (sounds like a Vette!!!)...:shocking::shocking::shocking:
I went with Pypes Race Pro Mufflers. They are free flowing (500+ cfm each) and have a sound that is not too laud at idle but very aggressive at WOT. Price is right and lifetime warraity.:)

They are light for a welded muffler. A big plus.:smash:

Here at work I have a chose of many different mufflers. This is the best of all that I listened too. That's just my .03 cents.
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I found a Magnaflow XL stainless muffler on Ebay for $50 shipped, that seller also offered a pair for $75 shipped..... these would be perfect for you, they're quiet at idle and loud when you push the loud pedal ... no drone... I used to have a Magnaflow on my Z28, sold it after only a few weeks, too quiet...LOL