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Mar 24, 2008
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OK, I'm a little PO'd right now. I am installing a TKO 600 kit and the trans yoke cap is tight but the U-joint cap isn't clamped in the yoke on my TKO conversion kit (I bought the kit from a CF memeber who had a driveline vibration problem.) I think I know why there are some "vibration ghosts" out there with these kits. Thank God I have access to a Bridgeport mill and dial bore guage.
That says a lot about QC good thing you spotted that, it's very easily overlooked.

The seller sold it because of the vibration? Assuming he lost money on the whole ordeal, I'd be PISSED if I were him. I imagine he searched high and low, tried everything to fix it and in the end decided to give up and sell it?

got any photos that show the problem to those "unexperienced" or 'less' professionals ?
This is indeed very interessting ... it might not always be the driveshaft angle causing the problem.....
I've emailed Richard at Keisler today and invited him over here to provide his input on this issue. He's always been very helpful, especially after the sale when it matters most.
Thank you for the invite Karsten.....

Now...the OP says that the u-joints are not fitting in the yoke journals? Can you please post a picture as I have never heard of this yet.
If the u-joints are not fitting correctly in the yoke, then I need to replace that yoke for you. Even though you did not buy directly from me, I don't want a defective part out there so I will gladly swap the yoke for you at no cost.
Please let me know...

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Am I reading this right?? the bearing cups are too small diameter for the yokes on the tranny OR diffy end?? or the total width of the joint is allowing the shaft to actually be non concentric?? as in what ouw say...axial slop in the cross shaft...end to end in the cups???

I would go nucking FUTZ about that, and my only comment IS.....

methinks China/3rd world dun struck again.....sounds like my lower ball joints some time ago...wouldn't even fit the controll arm....

This is the problem:

And this is how it SHOULD be

Yeh, looking like some grime was in the yoke/clamp and the last guy just didn't see it or did something stupid, and clamped er down anyway...

Like fitting a steel cap in a diff or checking a stock cap. Pretty sloppy QC. I heard of the same problem with some of the aftermarket yoke caps, way out of spec and would crush the joint cap if tightened down.