Installing early C4 fan in late C3


Der Maulwurf
Mar 5, 2008
Here's how I had it on my 82 ages ago when it was still running and how I did it on a buddies car. There are 2 configurations posted here, in one the fan is the other way around

All you need is a stock early C4 fan. Cut off part of the 4 mounting tabs and fabricate some 90 deg angled tabs so you can screw it to the stock shroud. Placement is a little tricky to clear the front pully. It even works with the auxiliary fan (like on this 82), it will not rub and will cool plenty.




This is how I had it on my car, note that I installed it backwards there. The fan motor is facing the front, just flip the polarity.



This way you have more room with the pullety as the motor is tucked in the shroud. The 1st orientation should cool better as that's what the blades were designed for.
The foam is ugly, I know...I was even worse a bubba back then :D
Yes....the small aux fan is stock, it is switched by a temp switch (ground switch) in the pass. side head. Both of these 82s have (well...mine had) the 2 fans. The big one comes on @ 190 or so, the small one @ above 210 or thereabouts.
Eh, beat you 2 it, I did my install some 13 years ago, and tore it all out for the extra cooling and neater appearance from MY install of your thing there....
mine worked ok, but didn't look so nice, but it was a '72 shroud not early 80's....but it was marginal in this FLORIDA HEAT....that sunshine loading on pavement is much worst than any ambient readings....
so I finally gave up the ghost about 2 years ago and went the Dual Spals....

wish I had thought to check ebay for the same thing at 100 bux cheeper, but oh well, they work fine as wine....even with my single core cheepo GM type rad from a '89? F body....wish I had 2 core thickness of the same, but long as the engine is happy I"m happy....

Another option is the 93-02 Fbody dual fan setup. These shroud/motor/fan assemblies are less than $100 used on the boneyards.... if you want new motors, the motors are $30 each at AutoZone, I just bought two for my DD, they're Siemens motors hencho en Mexico.