Ignition Physics for regular guys like me.


Phantom of the Opera
Mar 24, 2008
NE Florida
An amusing old thread, and surely you refreshed my memory there, no question....but my only comment is that the electronics of any spark coil are so far faster than any silly engine could ever rev, 600 rpm is only 5 sparks/cylinder/second.....6000 rpm is only 50 sparks......time for the electronics to roll over and grab another snore in bed......:eek::drink:

The electronics, yes. The coils, no. The formula/physics of putting energy into a coil/inductor hasn't changed in a century of usage. It still takes time (dwell) to charge up a coil. To speed up the process means lower inductance coils (requiring higher, more dangerous amperage, and more expensive switching transistors) and larger/more expensive wiring, or installing multiple coils on the engine to allow dwell overlaps, but more coils are more expense, and require more software and possibly faster/more expensive processors in the ECM.

There's no free lunch in the world.

OH, I thinking of the time it took to generate a 30kv pulse at the rep rate of 15734 on a color TV set....decades ago....and if not regulated that thing would run much higher than just a mere 30kv.....I dunno which hurts worse, a hit from a car or a TV, either one made me dance......I remember doing a dummy play, and reached into the HV cage to pull the rectifier tube, and the TV as ON....burnt a hole through my thumb.....:crap::bomb: