Could I be done??


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Mar 25, 2008
Western Canada
Yesterday morning I had an appointment to have a wheel alignment on my car after installing some bumpsteer blocks and new tie rod assemblys with the fancy Guildstrand sleeves. The shop was a bit over booked and my mechanic was all excited to do an alignment on my car with the mods I've got so he suggested I come back Teusday and he would love to spend some extra time on it, he said he could do wondrous things and I would be very happy. Alrighty then.
So instead of roaring around in my car on this beautiful day with the top down for the first time this year, I'm sitting here reflecting....... Could it be that I am done all the stuff to this car that I wanted to do? Everything is new. I've changed over to adjustable upper control arms, mono spring front, solid bushings where I could, urethane in the rest of the suspension components. Spreader bar, Bilstiens, 18" wheels with BFG kdw's, spherical rod end strut rods, new gauges, race style seats. TBI injected sb400. Spent the off season doing a bunch of picky stuff. It's all good.
I guess I'd better start collecting parts for that LSx conversion......:banghead:
Mines a c2. I haven't been that busy I just plug away over the last while. My thing is make sure the car is ready to go when the sun is shining.
Well.............are you really finished?

I'm guessing the weather is getting nice and you're out on your bike.
Well.............are you really finished?

That why I'm wondering aloud 'cause your never done these things....... Then something breaks

I'm guessing the weather is getting nice and you're out on your bike.

Our hot weather is over a month late this year, I've just had the car out a couple of times now, it's kinda wet out most of the time......
My drive train is done. All new suspension, offset t arms the list goes on. Last night I was driving around with a friend and we started talking about a cam, lifters, 3 inch exhaust................ I'd love to recover my seats but I think the cam etc is money better spent. It never ends.:waxer:
I was reading something in Hot rod magazine that Chip Foose said about finishing a car.

Your car is never finished until you sell it, then it becomes the other guy's project.