C3 front suspension wheel (vertical) travel


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Mar 30, 2008
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I'm working on the front shock mounts on the C4 suspension installation. (I'm trying to locate where the wheel travel ends at jounce and rebound.) Just curious if anybody knows what the total wheel travel distance is for a stock C3 front suspension? The C4 travel just looks a bit shorter, but I have no C3 measurement to compare to at the moment.

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This doesnt seem correct to me but maybe someone can verify. I just put a stock lower A-arm on my frame, used a laser level to position it at ride height from information in the AIM. The AIM shows a .25 vertical dimension from the "lowest point of the steering knuckle" to the centerline of the "lower control arm shaft @ front end".

If I do this there is maybe 1/2" of travel at the spindle before the bump stop (1 3/4 tall) contacts the frame. If I remove the bump stop, the lower A-arm rests on the frame with about 2 1/2 inches of travel. With the lower A arm resting on the frame, I get about a 10 inch shock length. The free length of my shocks is 14 inches so, if my measurements are accurate, it looks like 2 inches either way from ride height.

Either my bump stops are tall or C3's ride on the stops A LOT!
Usually you select the shock lengths by checking when a component keeps the suspension from drooping further, you select the shock lenght just shorter so the shock is the droop limiter. then you check when the suspension is at max bump and something is binding or limiting droop, then you select the shock a little shorter so you don't ride on the stops.
Guys, I apologize for the poor way I stated my question above. I'm just trying to compare the wheel travel of a C3 and a C4. I have the Bilstein coilovers for the '92 front I'm using, so it has the same wheel travel as a stock '92 (I measured 6 3/4 inches with my setup last night.) I'm just curious what a stock C3 front wheel travel is. My '69 still has the springs in it, and no engine, so moving/compressing the suspension isn't convenient right now. The C3 info isn't holding me up, I was just curious. I am seriously considering keeping the temporary shock mounts I have, and then wait until I put the body on to see how far I can shove the tire up into the wheel well before it looks like something is going to hit, and then make the permanent mounts.