April 13th-'Vette Round-Up @ the Block of Orange

Da Block...

I went up to the Block of Orange today...106 miles for me...we did a canyon run,then lunch at Dana Point at the coast at RJ's...it was 98 F in the canyons...but the 78 alum rad really came thru today...
Good seeing you again Fastzo...and thanks again for the 78 memoirabilla...:cool:







My run home after lunch...



Looks like a beautifull day for a run Rich. Too bad I was under Johns 72 BBC all day.:banghead::banghead::banghead: LOL
Started a clutch Friday, and HAD to finish today. At least it is done. Darrow helped us yesterday. And, Scotty fetched us some parts. Team effort.:bounce:
Nice pics! I really love Californian sceneries. Nice cars and nice weather. What more could you ask! :drink:
Short vid clip...another vette guy got it heading out to the canyons..

Rich been there twice had fun both times but both times I was the only c3. also what time did you leave for the run?

Yeah..I was the only C3 this time...
9:30 am....then lunch at RJ's in Dana Point by 11:30 AM...I was going to run Ortega to Lake Elsinore,but someone told me the road was tore up...so I ran the coast highway back home...still want to run Ortega in the vette...last time was in 1964 in a 48 Buick me and some Marine buds bought for $25...:yahoo:
Ortaga is a lot of fun You need to do it early or it gets to many bikes and cars. And yes it is under major construction trying to strighten out the mountain.