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Mar 23, 2008
midwestern USA
I am looking for a C-3 pedal hanger/pedal box (surface rust OK but no pitting please), also need a clutch safety switch and the small rod that attaches to it, if you have these and don`t want an arm and a leg please contact me, I will need shipping to zip code 53168....thanks in advance
I have laid my hands on one that has the Power Brake pedal - -it has the "box", but no springs etc.
There is a switch still mounted. Phone won't link to PC - but virtually zero rust on the box and pedal is in good shape too.
Let me know if that fills the bill. You can name a fair price and I'll go figure out what the shipping is if you want it and let you know.

Cheers - Jim

Sorry if this is late - I was cleaning the Garage today and found it...
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