Wilwood Master with Adjustable Proportioning Line Size


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Apr 21, 2020
Good afternoon,
First off, I don't know the laws of hydraulics hence the reason for this post.

The wilwood brake Proportioning valve has 3 ports for 3/16 line. 2x for the front calipers and 1x for the rear calipers.

The Vette uses 2x 3/16 line for the front calipers and 1x 1/4 for the rears.

Is it safe to run a short length of 3/16 from the valve and couple it to the 1/4 line running to the rear? Or would this be a restriction?
Thank you all. Before I pull out all the new stainless line going to the rear, does anyone know a supplier for 1/2-20 for 1/4" inverted flare line coupler? I've searched high and low and from what I see they only offer for 5/16" line with that thread size.

I purchased the MasterCool hydraulic flaring tool and tested it on some stainless line but it still won't make a good flare on the prebent stainless line currently installed.

If not, tomorrow my 1/4" copper nickel line will be here and I'll just replace the stainless.