Wilwood brake calipers


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May 8, 2013
I have the wilwood D8-4 and 6 brake calipers
does anyone have pics of how they ran the brake lines
i don't seem to understand how the rears are done

I thought the wilwood caliper upgrade was worth while. I did lighter rims at the same time.
How much weight (unsprung) did they save?

I went out and looked and I plugged the central hole and plumbed them at the bottom like the originals. But, it probably doesn't matter.
Would like to get 9" in the front and 10" in the rear by moving the offset around
I recently installed Wilwood calipers, light weight 2 piece hubs and billet caliper mounts. On my bathroom scale it was 36 lbs. lighter than stock. 12.190" diameter rotor, fit my 15" wheel. I also removed the rotor dust shields, getting me to 40 lbs. savings. again, my bathroom scale, so not claiming it to be verified.
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Part Numbers Please! Did you order direct from Wilwood - or from one of the "dealer/distributors"?
Back space on your wells and pics too.
Sounds like a good choice.
Cheers Jim
Wheels are American Racing Daisey S 200. 15x8-1/2" 3-3/4 back space. It's not the back space that is the concern. it is the radial clearance on the diameter. The wilwood calipers are profiled different than stock; narrower and mount lower.
How thick are the rotors?
I have a complaint on Wilwood
When I installed my calipers, I came to the last rear caliper and it was a different color. Much darker, I actually liked it better. It was still in the plastic and never mounted.

I drove down to their wharehouse, factory to exchange it. The manager came down to see me. looking at the caliper he said that's the way anodize is! I'm talking 3 are silver grey and 1 is dark grey. He said there was nothing he could do.
He would not even bother to open 1 box to see if was closer to the light color. When I asked about looking in just a couple of boxes (as I did drive 100 miles) he Said it was too much trouble and basically said to F off should have purchased powder coat. Ahhhhh
Me too and if I knew that I would of got the powder coat.
so I guess when I get my wheels, I will pull the calipers and powder coat to match the wheel center.
I don't like the silver, they We're supposed to be like the one dark piece I got. I'll make sure not to have wilwood on them either, don't want to advertise