Viper Super Dana 44 with USA made 930 bells


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Dec 5, 2008
Crystal Lake Illinois
I have for sale a Dana Super 44 differential removed from a 2003 viper. It comes with a pair on brand new, 4130 Amreican made 930 bells. The bells alone cost $600 for the pair. The differential is low milage and in great shape. Gear ratio is 3.08. I am asking $400.00 plus actual shipping cost. The rear cover is not included. The only reason I am selling is that I went with a 9" IRS. This is a very nice unit to convert your old C3 rear to a more modern and lighter differential. If interested, call my cell at 571-229-2405 and ask for Jim. Item will ship from zip 60012

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Hello from Finland

I am looking for parts to my friends project and this looks very interesting.
Do you have the weight of the unit available, pref with wooden crate.
UPS can quote the cost if we have dimensions and weight.
What type of payment do you prefer wire, Paypal or other..

Hannu Maikkula
Mantsala Finland
+358 50 530 5333
We are at timezone GMT +2
Give me a couple of days to get back with weight and dimensions. I do not have a wooden crate made yet but can get it done soon. I have a busy work week and will get to it ASAP.
Thank you
Hello and thank you for the reply
If you can ask for a quote of the shipping cost from your end, it would be helpful.
Houston TX is the other destination if the cost is something astronomical overseas.

Hannu Maikkula
From personal experience: unless you combine shipping with other stuff and get a container you're better off flying over here and get the darn thing..... Tax and custom duties are so silly: when I go to Germany , 500 euros are free..... When I send a $100 "gift" over there (USPS) they want 19% tax and whatever import crap fee..... BS....
In the winter months you can get a round tip flight ticket for under $700..... Might as well combine it with a short vacation ....
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Sorry....... but your name is Hannu Mikkula ??????

That "Hannu Mikkula" ????......... to one that won the Rally World Championship in 1983 with the "Monster" Audi Quattro A1/A2 ??????

Hello, the name is close but not the same, Rally world champion is MIKKOLA
same as motocross champion HEIKKI MIKKOLA (no relation)

I am a consulting mechanic for my friends road race corvette