VB&P Traction Bar


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Mar 26, 2008
Is anybody running the VB&P traction bar and if so, with what results? As some of you know, I like to get it on occasionally, which also occasionally results in some gruesome outcomes. Just want to lock her down for hard launches, especially since I'm going to get some sticky tires here pretty soon.
I recall some saying that this design was not the best and there was another design that was better. All I recall is that it had heim joints where you could adjust the tension after it was installed making it a tight setup. Something about the adjustability to tighten it while the car is on the ground vs. in the air under frame flex was one of the benefits.

My 68 is using this or a similar one.
It is bolted to the spring lower end and welded to the front crossmember.
That it sits at a angle is normal.

Pls disregard the bent strut rods. This is a old pic and they have been replaced long time ago.


If it helps ? I am not doing any racing or 1/4 mile stuff with it.

It surely hold the pumkin tight in position and might save it if the pumkin front mount bolt would ever give up.