V-7 Twin Turbo 63 Vette by ASC, Inc


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Mar 25, 2008
Daytona Beach, Florida area
I just got back from visiting Phil Somers, of American Super Cars, over on the west coast of Florida, north of Tampa. I drove my Vette up to visit their shop. I got to see their '63 rear engine, twin trubo, black monster called V7. It was back in their shop after winning the GM Design Excellence Award at SEMA this past 2007. :1st: It's being gone thru in prep for selling it at B Jackson later this year, he thinks. You guys might want to check out this Vette all together finished on their site: AmericanSuperCarInc
Here are a few of the photos I took Monday while at Phils' shop of the V7:
Phil was also the body shop manager of Time Machines (before he left to form ASC in 2006) during the build of the Joel Rosen red Motion Camaro back in 2005. THAT car also won @ SEMA and was sold @ BJ for over 1/2 million. That car was being built at the shop when my Vette was there getting the interior upholstery done . That was so cool to see it being built then hit the TV & magazines, so big!:1st:
Anyway, just thought you guys might enjoy seeing the inside, under construction photos of such a famous Vette.
Enjoy! Glenn "Mr. Blue" Smith
Interesting to say the least.....looks short in front and long in back.

It is!
It's got almost a stock wheelbase, but the rear window area was lengthened by the 24" that was taken from the front when they moved the 'birdcage' forward by that 24". That was taken out of the side vent area etc. Very nice lines all around. The GM designers were very impressed with the changes made to their original 63 design, obviously, by their award at SEMA. Glad you took time to look at the site and ASC's site too. ;)Glenn
That's some serious fabrication right there, love it but I like your body mods better :) yours has better looking proportions IMO
A guy at lateral-g posted this pic that shows the profile. Corvete with a GT40 look, definately a nicely done build.
Thank you, guys!

Yeah I like his better, I'm not crazy about the coupe

I appreciate your comments on my design. I really love the look of the rear of that V7, but wish the front was a bit longer to match the rear. Hard to do while keeping a near stock C-2 wheel base though. There are a bunch of better photos of this black beauty. I don't know why they only have those poor photos from the SEMA show on their site. I'll see if I can get some better one up for you guys. Glenn:idea:
Been busy too!

Where's the thread on YOUR car? :)

Sorry, I just plain ran out of time today. :fishing:
I had a funeral to go to @ 2 PM, then I had to go the my daughter's home to drop off some stuff for my grandaughter's progam @ school, and then shopping for dinner tonight before my wife got home. You understand, life got in the way!!:bump:
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New V7-Twin Turbo Photos

Here are some much better photos Phil sent to me last night to post here today. These show just how lovely this thing really is! Enjoy. Glenn
Oh, and by the way, this thing was a REAL 63 split winow Vette when they bought it to build. Before you go off the deep end, it was just a shell with NOTHING left and they STILL had to pay $3,000.00 for that! Glenn
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