Uncle Paul's C3


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Jul 16, 2012
Seattle, WA
Luigi thinks Paul (aka Uncle Paul) is the greatest thing since the invention of the ball. I'm not sure how much of the build I'll detail, but since asked... here we go

it's 1973 Corvette Convertible. It's in rough shape, I'd call it a great candidate for a ground up. It wasn't cheap - but it's a one-year only car (chrome rear, rubber front) a 4 speed.
As a few know, I'm apparently an evangelist for C3s. People drive my car and suddenly they want one (I obviously meet people with good taste). And truth is I wish this car was mine.

okay, so Paul bought the car and it's first major update was a Ridetech rear suspension with coil overs. Next up - he wants a BBC (as I said, good taste). Originally, he was going to build a 4 bolt 454 - but then this motor came available. I picked it up on my way back from SEMA - it's a 496 build for a boat. 10.5 compression, 2 bolt main but has a main girdle - and the debate rages on whether or not it's stronger then a 4 bolt. 4 bolts put more holes in the casting - tie all the mains together and it should be as strong or even stronger. It's way popular in boats. It's got a forged, aftermarket steel crank, great rods and forged pistons. he paid 50c on the dollar for it - and saved about 2/3 what it was going to cost to build the 468.

My personal prediction is this motors is going make manglitter out of the M2x transmission. Not a real loss because who wants those things when a Super T-10 is available? :)

We've been collecting parts, and started assembly today of the motor. Sadly this is the only update for a month because more parts won't be available for another month (mostly the tool helping him build it).
one of the missing bits was the timing chain.... I didn't think they still built single chain kits anymore... they do, they're cheap, and more importantly, available today

took the heads apart to check clearances... .080

heads are chinese copies - but decent. Something I didn't know - and should have check - the cambers were supposed to be 119cc, they measured 128.... nearly a point of compression..

so waiting for more parts. need an intake, rockers (I hate moving - I have some but who knows where they are....)

at the same time we'll update the front suspension... then see if we can't make this thing go in time for summer cruising.
one of my favorite photos, and how you birth a gear head

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I've brought a lot of people into the C3 fold... funny thing is, though, I've also done the same with FJ40s and Blazers (and other squarebodies)... but what I take the most smiles from is all of those I've introduced into using Suburbans for overland camping.... there was a time when I was probably the only one - sure, people camped with them but never went head to head with the Land Rovers, '40s, and Heeps... err Jeeps.

but with that said, I think that what I tend to do is road less travelled - people scoffed at C3s when I started with them, but you knew in their mind they thought (besides "you're dumb") is "I can afford that kind of sports car. So there's my superpower, lowering people's vision.
I'll add; your COMPLETE documentation of each step is something that you won't see on other forums.
I try, and some of the others on here as well. Something special about this site.
I'm trying to do similar with my work on our camper van upgrades on a Class B forum, but so few folks post photos, so you miss a lot.
The 1000 words - so-to-speak.

Cheers - Jim
thankfully today we discovered that the transmission that's going to be glitter soon is a Super t-10 ... which will get replaced with a TKX... which will then pretzel the driveshaft and make more glitter out of the weak Corvette rear end....
but it sure is pretty before it goes full Bam Bam to the rest of the drivetrain
it's in for real