TT, I don't recall hearing.....

Yup, I got it and read it also :) it's a very good book, bunch of theory and a LOT of calculations & examples. The kind of in depth stuff that a program like susp. analyzer does for you and you never really know how it's actually done. It really goes into detail about all the forces and moments working on the chassis and components. I love it, it's a gret book :) :thumbs:

I also like the aerodynamics section, it's quite a good read.

I thought I had sent you an email that I got it?
You may well have, but I spotted your stickeys above, and thought of that book, i'ts monday AM , and only my second mug, it takes a while....

bluberry bagel also....:yahoo::yahoo:
The stickeys are not out of the book. The book is much more fundemental/in depth.