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Knuckle Dragger
Mar 25, 2008
Got an email today from Doug Herbert Performance advertising this........ CLICK ME
Are these any good?
How about the

We're just in the planning stages.........

Would like a good street a little weight........but not break the bank either.
Would like to have to assemble the engine so my son can have that experience.... versus..... buying a crate engine.

I saw that. For $1,000, it looked pretty good to me for the $$.
Aside from the obvious CHINA heads.....I have a question about that flat tappett cam/lifters into todays oil industry apparently dropping Zinc? out of the oils to keep some weenie EPA type happy.....supposedly the only oil out there is Rotella? for flat tappet engines anymore....seems all new cars are roller valve trains....

something to look into,

but then again, the issue os what year is the short block, if it's a factory roller from '88 up, or not, if i'ts a old style block, yo have the oil issue, I would NOT go toggle roller lifters as they seem fine for race use with petted over engines, but for street useage, I heard reports of them toggles coming off, and instant destruct is in order....
Personally, I'd stick with all iron and I'll tell you why.

You never mean to, but sometimes the car gets driven a little farther than it needs to be should it begin to run hot. I had something like that happen to me and, at that moment in time, I was so glad that we built the engine with iron heads.

But that is an awesome kit for a good price.

I wholeheartedly agree about building the engine with him, it will give him a sense of pride and some very valuable memories with his Dad that he will always recall with a grin in the future.:thumbs:

My Father and I built mine, he also helped me change the cam a few weeks ago. In a lot of ways I consider him a hero of mine since he taught me everything I know and takes my opinion into consideration during the build-up of his Nova which he swears will beat me. I guess we will have to see about that.:devil:
I'd rather safe money on the heads and get cheap Summit aluminum heads or maybe Proform and spend the money on a roller lifter conversion - safer ..... I'd hate seeing you spend the money and do all this work and then post about wiped cam lobes...

I'm not so sure about the aluminum roller rockers either....
That's what I was wondering :confused:

But.....then some here say they have run Chinese heads with good results.
I personally have no experience aluminum heads period.

I've got China heads from Tri State Racing Heads. Very impressed with the results. I did port them some. But, nothing anyone of you couldn't do. They were less that $800 to my door complete.:D