Things that are supposed to go BUMP!


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Sep 2, 2009
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Bump things much? Man, do you know how heavy these parts are? They weigh a ton! That's why they're off my ride.
"Ride? Ride!," she says. "Hah !- Its still parked and has only one seat-- and it's not mounted yet! Hell, the body isn't even on the chassis yet!"

But, the front battering ram is available - but note the long attachments to the chassis are cut off. This part may wind up in the scrap yard - but I make it available.

Rules say I gotta have a price - and rules is rules - so this is listed at $10. PLUS SHIPPING - I'm not paying for that!

The rear bumper support is available too. These aren't bits you'd run out and search for - but here they are. And, because you wouldn't go looking for them - I can make you a great deal.
Gotta have a price - so how about $100?

Now if you need one of these - you need this one:

And its yours for $10 plus shipping.

So, what do you say - wanna send me some beer money? Lets Make a DEAL!

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