T56 shifting issue


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Apr 8, 2008
Woodstock, GA
This tranmission is not in my C3, its in my 97 Camaro SS, but I'm hoping someone here will have some ideas. For a little background, the car had a fairly new clutch and the slave was replaced within the last 20k miles. I was driving on the interstate, and it wouldn't downshift out of 6th...well, I eventually got it into 2nd, and got off the road. Before this, it shifted fine...no noise, no jumping out of gear, no hydraulic issues. I limped it home, took it apart, and didn't really see anything wrong. The hydraulics looked ok. Since I had it apart, and had a new McLeod disk and pressure plate, I put them in. No change. Someone on another forum suggested that a pin may have come loose inside the transmission (it had happened to the guy replying), but that doesn'tmake sense to me since I can shift into any gear, as long as the engine isn't running. Any ideas? I have a T56 rebuild manual and will tear into this thing if I have to, but I'm thinking maybe it is the hydraulics...even though they aren't leaking, and the fluid level is adequate. Could it by bypassing internally and not building pressure?
Sounds like a clutch issue to me, since you have a new clutch and that didn't make a difference it must be the hydraulics, check if those are working fine
I hope your problem isn't the tipical early T56 problem!!!

They have the forks in cast aluminum..... which can bend and start to slide the selectors not really on axis with the splines (and syncros).

The solution, if isn't too late, is to change it with the late forks.... which are in steel !

Often this problem if more evident downshifting from 4th to 3th.... of from 6th to 5th.

I hope for you I'm wrong!...... but I have 3 friends with the same problem and when I opened their trasmissions even the sincros was destroied!