T-Top Seals 1977 (a little help)


Mar 24, 2008
western . AZ
I bought a new set of t-top seals,,, my old ones had a metal strip inside,,, new ones have no metal strip,,, so how does one attach the new seals,,,Or did I get the wrong seals sent to me???
There's 77 old (68-77) and 77 new (77-82) style top weatherstrip, the later style has 19 plastic pins, the early 18, early 77s also have the fender mounted alarm switch.
My new seals have 19 plastic pins,, seals don't have metal strips inbedded on the widow side. going to call the company monday to straighten this out ,, thanks TT
18 pin are two different seals,, resolved the problem with the seller,, hope it dosen't rain now that I have no seal on one side LOL,, Thanks for the help
I had the same problem when I did mine. I have an early 77 (didn't know it at the time) and had gotten seals for a late 77. I didn't know there was a difference until I pulled one out to replace it. The vendor swapped it out for me no problem.