stoopid MC question


Der Maulwurf
Mar 5, 2008
What were the tubing nut sizes again? 3/8, 7/16 or 1/2"??? i thought it was 3/8 & 7/16 but not 100% certain.
I thought you were guessing :D are those the actual sizes? Damn, I need some metric to standard brake adapters. I can only find them in 3/8 & 7/16. I could do a metric bubble flare on the tubing but sadly the tool is for metric sized lines and not 1/4"

The 2 lines from the master ARE 1/4" right? I don't have the car handy here, I'm pretty sure those 2 are 1/4 as is the large main rear line on the crossmember, all the individual lines are 3/16.
Both lines on mine out of the MC are 1/4. Mine is a 68 however so it's (of course) different. All of the lines are 1/4 except the front crossover line, that's 3/16.

Are you doing the C5 master swap you mentioned?
The crossover line on the front just feeds the RF caliper, being an individual line it's 3/16. The small line to the LF caliper is also 3/16. The main feed backwards on the framerail feeds both rear calieprs and is therefore 1/4, then after the brass T the lines are 3/16 again. Should be the same on yours. So I wuz right afterall, shared circuitry lines are 1/4 :) tnx :thumbs: Now to get confirmation on the flare nuts........

It's for Xanders car, the C5 master simply bolts up, the lines would mate up too if they hadn't gone to metric style fluid connections in the 80s :( So, adapters are the easiest way...but apparently they are not as common as I thought.

I'm going to a Tilton floor mount pedal box w/ indiv. masters & balance bar on mine. I lowered the floor so much that the pedals hang waaay too high. So much for the hydrobooster and all.....more parts for the collection