Spreader bar! Why don't you have one?


Mar 30, 2008
My current project is fabricating a spreader bar. I must say, this is one mod EVERY C2-3 should have!

1. No permanent alteration to car

2. No performance/ economy/ reliability compromises

3. Improves handling in extreme conditions (emergency manuvers) AND improves structural integrity reducing metal fatigue in the control arm towers

4. Cheap, easy and satisfying DIY project.

You can buy one of these for about $100, but you can build your own custom design for around half of that. Mine is much stronger and better though out than the VB&P bar, and I have bragging rights! But in the end, buy it or build it, you should have one of these on your car. A cheap easy mod with only good effects, no draw backs. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR, STOP READING AND GET TO WORK! God bless, Sensei