Some interesting metal working tools

Picked up a HF surface conditioning power tool a while ago. Figured it might be good for stripping paint off a frame. Tested it out the other day on a cross member and it worked extremely well.
Here is a hack I came up with, abusing my HF equipment. :)

I got this miller welding table for $270 last winter. But, the top had a significant bend in it. Took it apart and hit it with a sledge on the concrete a few times. There were still some bends, so ended up disassembling my press and using it sideways. Had a couple of short 2x4s on top and the hydraulic jack underneath. The lift table worked perfectly for positioning the 3/16 thick table top.

Those lift tables are awesome. I bought it originally so I could lift the bed of my lathe for assembly.

The table top is pulled out in the photos, but you can insert the whole diagonal and apply bending load if you want. It only took an hour or two, so I’m pretty happy.

Those lift tables are great for the price. Should have bought the next size larger.
Saw one of these for sale second hand. I could have used that in the past.

Not metal working, just too lazy to make a new thread.

that looks like a good idea with one exception, it puts your head at the level of the door sill plus thickness of he pad, instead of the footwell. You can barely get your head in there to see what your doing.