Some interesting metal working tools

Not sure if anyone else is saddled with frequent snow blowing in the winter, but instead of getting cars running, I'm trying an upgrade on my snow blower.

My 48" Kubota had a hydraulic linkage set up so once you lowered the blower, it would float. I ran that 7 or 8 years and skids/scrapers never wore out. The new to me 60" is really heavy and I was part way through the winter before I realized the loader style hydraulics have a detent for float. But, even that float feature put lots of pressure on the skids. So I'm making my own mechanical float feature (simple). Basically slotting the cylinder mount to let the blower float over bumps.

Stick welding practice, one side almost done. Definitely need some grinder clean up. I was fortunate to have bought a box of cutters from a retiring machinist which included a 6" long 1/2" end mill for the bracket.

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Well, this could make rusty frame c3's more interesting.

i saw some more videos from these guys. In one he says $14000. I guess I didn't hear them right the first time. :)

Or, there were huge price increases. :)
The mechanical float works great. The 60" blower glides along now over the concrete.

My diff clearance jig needed some right angle supports. Got some good ideas from this guy. This is part 2. I need to get some 0.5 angle, but will go ahead with 0.25 angle for now.

3d printed dies are really, really cool... to the point that I'm considering a 3d printer for my shop to do those very things.
didn't realize you could 3d scan with your android or i-phone.... hmmmmm
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I thought he must have large 1" thick steel plates to press that! Look what he used: