So just to be different

So I found out about the cornering issue.

WIth the lateral bowls, and the jet placement, hard cornering will uncover the jets.

YES, IF i'ts a AFB CARTER knockoff....I have never heard/seen it happen on any Qjet, over the decades....but then again I HEAR from some very knowledgeable friends the AFB will do that when racing, but on a street car like I had....I never had the issue, and I can assure you I don'e some mighty silly things.....Larry swears he saw daylight under my pass rear tire once with me slamming my 4500 lbs '67 Grand Prix into a turn so violent I damn near went sideways.....I dunno, I was driving, he was behind.....I wuz determined to loose his Mopar...forget what model.....this about 35-40? years ago....

all I recall of the incident was the HUGE amount of protest coming from those hard rubber tires....:crylol::ghost: