So I am again revising downward


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Mar 25, 2008
I think I am going to go for a 355 until I am more compelled to do things like put in a roll cage, etc.

So, my theoretical desirable heads are a 185cc heads that flow 282cfm at .6.

I think I am going to go with a cammotion cam that is 274/274(239/239 at .05), 112 LSA 4 degrees of advance .608/.608 lift with 1.5 rocker ratio. I think this is a bit more aggressive than I should be looking at as far as ramp rates. 239 at .05 and .405 lift is pretty agressive. Probably want to get that down to about 2 about .375 lift or so (compcams lobe fits the bill but I hate compcams).

a new intake is going to be in order, probably something like a weiand Team G. or another low profile Xcelerator and 1" HVH spacer.

Going to ghetto out on the rockers with roller tips and put on the corvette stock valve covers.
You must have shelves full of abandoned parts right? Want to sell ;) :D

I'd get it running first also. The LS engines seem to be a whole lot better platform than old SBC stuff, who the time you'll build a monster LS instead.
I make no bones about that fact. If I didnt have so much SBC stuff, I would be working on a 408 stroker with a 6L block. But a little to far down the road for that.

We can definitely work something out on cheap parts if you want too.