SMC resin and adhesives


Mar 23, 2008
sunny Florida
There have been quiet a few questions about SMC (sheet molded compound/composite). You cannot use "Bondo" style fiberglass resin because it does not stick to SMC. The mold release agent is part of the SMC and that does not allow resin to stick (adhere) to it.

I've successfully used Evercoat SMC panel adhesive to glue my flares to the SMC quarter panels. I relly like it because it comes in a 1qt can and does not require a special dual cartridge mixing gun like other manufacturers products (Duramix/Fusor) that only come in cartridges.
If you have many panels to glue in place the $100 for the dual cartridge might be a good investment - for a one time project like the average weekend warrior panel crack repair it is most likely not.....

I've also ordered from, they're located in south FL and offer a wide variety of SMC compatible epoxy resins. Their stuff is reasonably priced and works well.