Should I buy a dry sump?


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Mar 24, 2008
I found one for around 200 dollars

4 stage gambler pump

How do I mount it?


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Where you going to put a 2 - 3 gallon oil tank? Where the passenger seat is?

Then you need to notch your front cross member.

You might be able to get some of the Stefs marine tanks where the AC box was, or have a custom tank made.

If you dont have a heater at all you can get something in that part of the fender fairly convienently. If you have something there, you might be able to get a cylinder style tank, probably about 8" in diameter and 16" top to bottom.
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I'll put it in the battery compartment on the passenger side

I've seen them there before
Cool. Just make sure that its in a shape that is suitable for high cornering forces.
it appears that pump mounts on the wrong side.....while your looking at the pretty anodizing on the outside, it`s whats on the inside that counts.....
Yeah but I would suspect it to be pretty decent becuase usually the anodizing gets torn up after awhile so it should be pretty new.
ebay pump? trash went through it, wanna bet?

What you have seen in the rear on the pass side is probably a bert/brinn type setup.