roller rockers


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Mar 27, 2008
Paris, France
i have a whole set of erson 1.5 roller rockers in my goodies box that i would one day like to install.

i weighed each one of them and found that there's about a 5gram--not much--difference between the heaviest and lightest ones.

now i'd like to have them all the same weight and am wondering how to lighten the heaviest ones.

e.g. where can metal be taken off without damaging the rocker.

what are the best pushrods to use with roller rockers?

my engine is a 350" sb solid lifter


Sounds like a whole lot of work for maybe 0 result. The rocker weight is hardly an issue in your valve train, the other components are much more improtant ans they are controlled by the spring. the rocker just mechanically translates the movement of the lifter to the valve stem.

Those rockers look ancient, where did you get those?

Pushrods, depends..are you using guide plates or not?
thanks for the info.
so i won't touch them.
they are ancient ~15yrs and came in a box with the car including pushrods, guide plates, etc.......the whole works.
the 1970 lt-1 valve train came with guide plates.