Repro seatbelts for 78-82


Mar 23, 2008
sunny Florida
I've seen/read/heard quiet a few questions about these new repro seatbelts that f.e. MidAmerica offers for $299. It seems these are the only 'direct fit' seatbelts available for the later C3s.
Well, I just installed these belts because my Sparco racing harniss was nothing but a pain in the rear....
These seatbelts fit like a glove, yes they're overpriced but if you want a simple bolt on deal that fits and works as advertized it's worth the money. Keep in mind that seatbelts are supposed to keep your head from hitting the steering wheel or windshield, therefore I wouldn't trust 30 year old dry rotted seatbelts:skeptic:

The 93-02 Fbody seatbelts fit only the older C3 models where the retractor is mounted horizontally, in later C3s the retractor is located on the B-pillar and mounted vertically.
Nice to hear that they fit so well. I tried to keep my 73 looking stock and the replacement belts are really hit and miss from a fit perspective.
The rear F-body seatbelts seem to be a good fit for older C3s. I wanted mine (actually a gift) because I got tired of the harniss.... I wanted to be able to reach the radio while driving....
I'm not sure they offer a direct replacement for your '73 but I'd just put the original belts in a box and install whatever I feel is safe ... leave the 35 year old stock stuff for the next owner.... just my opinion...
Just another question regarding the seatbelts on my 79. Some bubba was in there and cut the rings that go around the belt in the pillar panel (interior). Are these available somewhere ?
Do you mean those square plastic escutcheons that go around the belt? they are open on one side (a slit) so you can install it over the belt.