Reflective paint


Mar 24, 2008
western . AZ
Has anyone used reflective type paint? Standox is one brand sold in England,, what company handles it here in the U.S.A?
If you are talking about the kind of reflective paint used for license plates and road signs, there is a glass bead additive that can be added to paint to produce this effect. A guy that restores license plates told me about it and I have the company name at work. I'll get it Monday.
I was told it can be mixed with the base coat,, Powder Pearl ,Meaning sea shell have been ground to a powder substance, then added to base coat, I wanted to get a very dark violet flashing over black when the light refraction changers,, Hard to explain,
OK thats different. The stuff I was talking about isn't something you would paint a car with.

Pearl additive is available at any good automotive paint store. I used a little pearl and candy tint in the inter-coat on a motorcycle I painted. Turned out great.
I want a major black base color. But I want when the light hits it, to reflect a very dark purple or violet, call it what you like. Like image changing color. That way it woud inhance the black. What your talking about in your first post might be a good experiement? Could be a ""First""?
The reflective sign paint/glass bead additive I was talking about would be probably haze the clear and be difficult to spray.

The pearl/candy tint combo I did was over a black base with gold marbelizer. I think House of Kolor might have something like what you are talking about. They are owned or distributed by Valspar. I think they have a pretty nice website that explains there finishes.

If you go the HOK route, be prepared to spend some $:shocking:
You can do that two ways.
1) You do a black base. Then mix the same black with a purple or violet pearl in (there are a number of different type sof pearls, crystal, ghost, sparkly etc etc, you have to decide on what type of effect you like) , then shoot clear over the top.
2) You can also do the black base, then mix the pearl into a jamming clear (just paint with no tint in it) and then clear over that.

Both ways will give you a black look until its in direct sunlight and then it will appear on curves, body lines etc, its basically the same way you paint ghost flames. Check out for some really good prices on custom paint products.

I want to thank you for your posted comments and that web site. I've been looking all over the place and you had the answers all the time,, You should be ashaned for keeping themto yourself. The changing crystals is what I want to do in major pen stripes, The texture and the patterns over layed to a black base isgoing to be a mind blower... Thanks again