rear coilover mounts


Mar 23, 2008
shock eye.

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I've seen that pic before, but where is the shock?

Why are you afraid the lower shock eye is stressed too much? Is the shock binding against the suspension (hub?)?
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going to change how the rear coil overs mounts to the outer axle hub , any pictures would be helpful for ideas,

here's the mount I've been looking at making, with the mounting block straight up and lowing the clevis . it allows more movement of the shock eye and hopefully will reduce the amount of stress on the shock eye.


Would your lower coilover mount be lower than it is now?
I remember what you had, you ahve a long bolt go through that steel downwards u channel and through a drilled out shock mount (installed in the stock location through the bearing support) right?

Why not eliminate that altogether and weld a bracket to your u channel and maybe gusset it up for strength?

That's basically how I have mine set up on my rear uprights. It's the same kind of mounting system


The shock bolts to the upright above the lower control arm. You'll need to either use short shocks or move the upper mounting position higher. Seeing your chassis isn't exactly stock I soo no reaon why it wouldn't be possible.

Or maybe like this, this was the 5 bar system I built. Shock to wheel rate is a little less ineff. because of the distance to the axle though so stiffer springs and stiffer shocks are needed.