Ready to start some body work


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Mar 25, 2008
Boca Raton Florida
So I get the Cherry Thread huh? Cool
About to start some body work. Whats the best stuff to fix cracks in an SMC body? I am guessing some sort of epoxy with glass fiber, cat hair, whatever pushed into the V-d out crack?
Go here just off 95 near Griffin. They have all the epoxies you need in different viscosities and all the fibers etc in different cure rates. Doen't remember his name, but ask for the guy that builds custom fishing rods. He knows his plastics.

5553 Anglers Ave Ste 105
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 527-9200
Duramix products seem to be really good but they require a dual cartridge mixing gun. Over the entire project it might be worth spending the $100 for the gun, if you only have a few spots it is likely not worth it.

I used Evercoat SMC panel adhesive, it comes in a qt size can and is used just like Bondo. I glued my flares on with this stuff and used it as filler, adhesion is very good and it's sandable.
Thanks guys. I have a dual tube gun, since I have so much body work to do I went ahead and got one. Also got to rooting around out there and found I have a kit of Ecklers R-301 Resin and hardner. It says its for SMC Epoxy Laminating system. I think I'll use this mixed with glass mat to do the cracks. I also have (forgot about it) the 2 part Lord Epoxy adhesive, its in 2 - 1 quart cans. Mixing that for doing the panels might be a bitch, so I still might look for a 2 part in the tumes like 3M, Fusor or whatever