Racing and HPDE crash videos


Mar 23, 2008
Please share any crash videos.. here's interesting one,,,, I would have been very pissed,,,


This one still pisses me off, chinface lifting on the racing line
This one still pisses me off, chinface lifting on the racing line

Chinface, thats good.
My brother hates Schumi and I remember arguing with him at the time about who's fault it was. He also believed that F1 conspired to make Shumi appear to be the best driver.

A couple of years after that incident I was talking to a friend who works for TRD. When Toyota decided to get into F1, they hired a consultant to develop a metric to evaluate driver talent, subtracting the equipment from the evaluation. He told me that in every metric used to evaluate talent that Shumi was the best.

My brother still doesn't believe:skeptic:
It was proven later on he lifted and that in a corner and he knew shumi was right behind him with 0 visibility from the spray. Those guys just assume the other is going full throttle (or as hard as they can) and those cars decelerate faster when listing off than a normal road car does when standing on the brakes. Cost Schu the title, that's for sure.

Ever notice how Coulthard (even now) is involved in so many crashes and accidents...and he is the chairman of the driver safety committee...what an idiot!

He's nothing but an idiot who's occupying a seat where a more talented driver could sit. He never made it big, even when he had the best material around Schu was running circles around him.

Oh, I don't like Coulthard, did it show? :D Forza Schumi :1st:

I still have the 94 Imola race here, that was one nasty crash!
Coulthard..... shit!

This is an example of the way to race they have in McLaren!!!!!!!

Have you seen wath a shame in the 2007 about the spy history?

Didi you know about the new rules with the same EFI for every race car?
Ok...... I will tell you!

McLaren (Mercedes) is the owner of the company who produces the EFI CPU..... and, CASUALLY!

The "J" annexe of the FIA rules says that, for safety, all (repeat....ALL) the cars MUST use a specific and fixed map for the whole first lap..... from the start to the end of!

Honda..... doing it's test on the EFI find out a strange sequence of inputs....... which was DISABLING this "safe mode" (normally the cars should have some 20% less power during the first lap).
Again for rules the "safe mode" must be switched-off exetrnally via a trasponder at the start lane automatically!

Do you think that the manufacturer (company owned by McLaren-Mercedes) knows about that?

Do you imagine the avantage resulting from the possibility of to be the ONLY car at full power during the first lap..... or at the start????

I guess I don't need more words to describe it!!!!

Again a demonstration of how BAD people are in McLaren!

Last thing.....

Wy the last year at Suzuka (if I'm not wrong) during a very raining day with tens of cars out of the race for accidents, only Hamilton (Mc-Laren Mercedes driver) was token away from the sand with the crane and replaced on the track ?????

But.....but...... They have LOST!

Three times!!!!

First..... they lost the Team Campionship for the spy story!
Second.... they lost the Driver Championship (Hakkinen won)
Third..... They lost again the Team Championship..... Ferrari ends with more points!

Fuck McLaren!!!!!!!
I completely agree with you. And if we know this, then theres tons more we don't know about.

Ron Dennis must have thought "they nailed us last year, they won't expect us to pull a stunt again"

And of ALL FRICKEN ECUs out HAD to me the McLaren Electronics one. Not directly tied to the F1 team. DOH! If they wanted to avoid any kind of suspicion they should have went with a truely independent manufacturer.

And Mosley...he was too busy banging hookers and playing "herr obersturmbahnführer" :D
Here's another of coulthards most memorable moments....