Quick tip on AN hose ends


Der Maulwurf
Mar 5, 2008
Everyone who has used these knows what a PITA it is to get the female part of the hose end on the hose. If you do it by hand you have to twist and push like crazy and run the chance of it not going on properly, fraying the braid and needing to cut off another piece. Holding the female part in a vice with some soft jaws and then wrestling the hose is no fun either, especially if you are assembling large OD hose.

This is how I always do it and it works like a champ on all sizes. No more cramped hands, bloody fingers and frayed ends.

I cut the hose clean (I use a bloody sharp chisel, the hacksaw and hose cutter always give me frayed ends) and then lube it, then I lube the female part and a socket of the correct size and insert it. Then with the socket on a ratchet you can easily press the 2 together while using the rachet to both exert pressure and turn it. When done, make sure the hose is not protruding in the female part too far, the threads for the male part should be free. Finally lube the inside and the male threads and assemble the rest of the fitting (scribe a witness mark or put some tape right behind the female part so you can see if your hose pushed out)

BTW, these are aeroquip fittings and they fit TIGHT, just like XRP. Some of these brands (like goodridge, summit & jegs house brand, fragiola...and so on) are much easier to assemble, but there's a reason for this. They are not as high quality and tightly machined.

I especially like the XRP "cutter" ones. They have an additional lip inside that acts like a wedge/blade that pulls the braid off the hose and locks between the 2. ....anyway...onto the illustrations :)



Twist & push...

Presto...hose completely seated up to the ridge, like it's supposed to.