Plastic Fantastic 2

continuing from yesterday, I had to make a blanking plate so the air is forced through the radiator
this is me being lazy... I have a press brake that could put a nice kink in the metal to get the curve needed... or a BFH. The BFH, in its defense, was more fun
and what it looks like now
still need to put braces on it because it does flex a bit then, maybe, canards.... but for now, I have to finish on the gas tank then tuning, oh and door latch....
time to do some fixes
fixing a crack
in no particular order
I caught the elf doing the work
a bit of spot filler
time to primer
and a hood chip
I plan on painting the nose and the left quarter....
Great Job! Consider getting some clear Bra (3M product).
I used it in the nose of the "little racer" and it really saved the finish.
I know - One more Thing." But will save some road rash.

Cheers - Jim
sprung an oil leak
right there on the clamp
there really shouldn't be that much oil on the outside of the shaft but here we are
and then spent the rest of the evening retiming it - not quite as simple as a distributor.
That doesn't look like fun at all. I can just barely see the timing mark or the distributor hold down on mine.
while the hood is off, time to fix a belt alignment issue
the lesson in all of this is chinese parts are terrible
the biggest issue was the distance across the pump was wrong - so it pinched and misaligned pretty much everything....ah well, a few washers and it's back in business
time to get ready to paint
it's been kind of a long week - then I spent time teaching noobs how to color sand....
I'm exhausted now.
That "look" is really coming together. For "class" options/rules, could you get by with the mods to the rear deck by denpo.
I've looked and came up empty - but here is on that could "disguise" anything that you do underneath:

A solid windscreen - well placed louvers , that tilt/twist the flow to that nice wing you have...
Oh I'd like to see the numbers before/after. Maybe even some streamlines. Hmmmm.
Oh yeah - I got work to do too!

Cheers - Jim
aero is for people who can't build engines. :)

actually, I still need to do a diffuser - but next major mod will be a larger motor.
it's almost ready to get some paint
need to just remove the rear reflector and tape it up.... tomorrow

then roll it out, inflate the booth, clean it, then shoot it. Weather is supposed to cooperate this week (crossing fingers)
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and EV too
I recommended a Volt to my parents - best car they've ever had (and my dad is a former Lyon's running drag racer).... I don't hate them but think they're very short sighted because we don't have enough lithium to do what they are making laws to force

that said, when I vent my ac lines to atmosphere, it goes right by the solar panels on the roof (which will pay for themselves in 5 years)

anyway.... enough of my ambiguity

so first 'fun' was sanding a run on the inside of the scoop.... blanking amateur painter (and I hope that JA is still following this)
borrowed the go-jack to make this easier to sand
and now we're getting there
as I mentioned yesterday.. this is a 'good enough' paint job. IF I ever use another body shop, I'll be 100% more thorough when I pick up the car.... really, I'm as mad at them as I am at myself for accepting the crap work.... and still, it's a race car - who knows, maybe the next fix will be a nose or tail after I run out of talent.