NUTS! and bolts, and washers, and fasteners, and -- HELP!


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Sep 2, 2009
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Hey gang!
I am in the midst of the Frame-Off, Conversion. (It will be a Not Correctly Restored Shark - 78)

I have a huge bucket of bolts, fasteners, etc. Started the Baggie Trick (very familiar with it having built several boats along the way), but decided to just keep the critical ones and pitch the "commons" in a bucket.

Now, heres the Question. Anyone have experience in finding a good LIST of the fasteners fo a C3- NOT by PN but:
by size,length, quantity and duty description ie, 7/16-20 x 21/2 x 6 Lower Arm to Chassis ?

The GM Rebuild, Serivice, and Chassis and Body Parts Catalogs are helpful in torques - but not item specific details - other than PN. Also, no Joy in the How to Restore and Modify, or the Haynes either.

My plan is to replace all with new (the originals are 31 years old and look like 5h!t. Some appear to have less thread than rust.

So, that said - anyone with a LIST?
I've found a few places that sell complete "kits" but none seem to have C3s.
"Totally Stainless" May have -- but their catalog won't come up - so I'll call today. My thinking is with a good detailed inventory, you could order in bulk say from; McMaster-Carr, or other outlet and save a lot of back and forth to the local Lowe's/Ace/HD/Fasenal.

Hoping for a hand, a pointer, or whatever.

Thanks and Cheers!


Maybe I can get She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed to sort them and do an inventory and I'll have a place to start.
She likes that kinda Corvette work - DIRTY - but not greasy.
I have a old habit of using a goodly size plywood over sawhorses, and just lay out all the bolts after cleaning in a bucket of gasoline, let them dry in the sun, and sort by size and type.....from that, lists become easy, it's the only way I know of to approach the problem, BTW, I find it the only way I can ID what bolt goes where, mainly by the count, and common sense....

Over 50 years of fucking with cars, I have many heavy drawers of bolts and nutz and crap, amazing what I can find in there....saved my ass a bunch of times.....:gurney: