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Der Bismarck
Mar 25, 2008
Palm Bay, Florida
It took long enough for T.Turbo to create a forum for us banned members of the effeminate GDaina forum. Thank god this hero of the corvette world got banned and therefore, created this place for us misfits. Sure, I was banned with whatever name I created (on my own terms, of course) but who can forget all the fun I had sinking the U.S.S. Sinclair with verbal salvos, booming from the turrets of the infamous Bismarck? Who can forget the glorious embarrassment that Durango Douche suffered when I complained about the exposure of his saggy breasted female, from behind a deceptive Brazilian immigrant persona (was it "Grutzy"?). Poor hapless Durango didn't know what hit him yet I have a very low tolerance for such posers and thus, he had it coming.

I remember when I first joined the forum with what remains one of the most infamous posts ever created ("Titanium Rotors"). I never expected to be mauled by a pack of mindless hyenas but within a short amount of time, I laid those slovenly hyenas on their backs, as they gasped for their last breaths, when in motherly fashion, Gay Daina implemented my virgin banning. At the request of the great Twin Turbo (even he will not deny that he is a huge fan and who the f#ck can blame him?:1st:), I reappeared several times with differing usernames. When it was time that I had my fun, I would typically go out with a bang.

This forum comes at a different time for me, concerning my vette. I don't have many questions or needs since it is nearly finished. However, maybe I will be good for a laugh now and then or perhaps, I will be able to answer a question or two about my car. The way I see it, this forum has the most knowledgeable corvette enthusiast in T.Turbo, while the hetero challenged forum has Durango. Need I say more?
I hope I don't hurt any feelings here, but, that may be the best looking C-3 I have ever seen. Bar none.:1st::1st::1st::1st::1st:
BigBird, the lord knows I struggle with being humble yet I humbly agree! Thank you!

One of my favorite angles and yes...........I'm an ass man.:D

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I can't tell you how many people asked me, "Now that you have the Vipers, why don't you sell the vette?". Of course, that was before it was painted and they didn't understand that I bought the Vipers but built the vette.
I've got to get me a taller hood. And fill the flares up.

That Blue Coupe would look nice setting next to my Red Vert!!

I have to agree with you Bird - that's a gorgeous Vette Sadistic. My 14 year old son just saw the pic and thought it was "awesome". Did you ever post any pics of under the hood?
Ah yes, the sadistic ride...

Have a chance to thrash on it much yet?

Not much since getting it painted. I still need to finish a few odds and ends before taking it out. Before it was painted, I took it out and raced some cars, 2 of which were C6Z06's. One was a friend's car. Needless to say, he was a bit upset to be pulled with such authority. His expression was priceless. The other unfortunate Z06 was driving along and figured that I would be easy pickings. Remember that the car did not look as menacing then, as it does now. This buffoon was actually laughing at me as I pulled to his side and gestured to run the cars. He wasn't laughing for long. To further answer your question, it does not feel like a 40 year old car. The TKO600 trans, hydraulic clutch, hydraboost and steeroids rack and pinion contribute to make the car feel far more modern and enjoyable to drive. When it comes to power, the new cars (Z06's, Vipers) pull nicely when you get them into the powerband. This vette throws you back the instant off of idle and is a bit scary once it is climbs above 4000rpms. It is also siginificantly lighter in weight than a new vette. Handling is obscenely good since putting on some modern tires. The thing I like about the C3 vette is that it is much smaller than a new vette or Viper.