Yes, me...always. it's cheap and N2 molecules are larger and won't permeate through rubber as readily as O2 does. This means you won't have to check the tire pressure as often

It's also a poorer heat conductor (lower thermal conductivity coeff) and it's not as reactive as O2 so it doesn't "age" the rubber on the inside as fast.

N2 is dry (or dryer) than air, this means significantly less moisture will be introduced into the tire. This has a beneficial effect on the tire press. vs. tire temp. and there's the benefit of less corrosion.

Aircraft have been using it for decades.
I think we should fill them with HELIUM as that is lighter than air, and so the unsprung weight would be less.....:lol::lol::lol::chinese:
There is a NAPA shop up the road that will put nitrogene in your tires,don't know how much they charge for it though:ghost:
As usual TT is right on the money. Aircraft use nitrogen all over the place- tires, accumulators, landing gear. The main reason they use it is that it won't support combustion. It won't feed a fire or contaminate a system with water.
It looks like you need different valve stems But we should be able to buy nitrogen easy enough sounds like the way to go.

I`ve been using nitrogen for 30 years in race tires, always with standard valve stems.....if you do switch you will need to fill and empty your tires two or three times to purge all the air......also!! unlike air you don`t want to breath nitrogen.
also!! unlike air you don`t want to breath nitrogen.

you're breathing 70% nitrogen right now.

i saw a nice little keychain size inflator at Autozone. I think i'll pick one up next time i'm there, but i think they're probably common C02 cartridges.
:bonkers: You guys go deeeeep into this stuff. I am still trying to grasp distilled water in the radiator now we are talking about N2 in the tires. Where have I been :fishing:
bottled gas

look under bottled gas. I asked the guestion about cubic ft in a tire, does any know how to find the answer?

I think I saw a 40 cubic ft bottle for around 130 ?????
Local to Birmingham, a medium tank (4') will cost about $175 to own. Then the refill on nitrogen I believe is less than $20 Argon mix is only $30, just filled my bottle.

You guys are great, never knew such benefits of nitrogen.



I have the huge tank...$1.00 per month and $22.?? to refill/exchange. You can also use an oxygen regulator with an adapter...I was using it at the race track and for an air compressor in the trailer.
Apparently not a huge difference but studies show that using nitrogen can help prevent tire overheating, promote optimum tread life, and reduce rubber aging and wheel corrosion. :huh:

Just what I read...