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Apr 11, 2008
NW Connecticut
Hi all,

I just wandered over here this weekend and recognized a lot of familiar "faces". Looks like a great forum for us restomod guys.

I've got a 78 that i picked up last summer to do a body off rebuild. The car has a good body, new paint and a fairly fresh Goodwrench crate motor. It also needs A LOT of work. I'm starting with a new frame that I picked up from a CF member since the original is in pretty lousy shape. The birdcage in this car appears to be in decent shape......we'll see how good as the car comes apart soon.

So far I've collected some good stuff for this project including a VB&P Street & Slalom suspension and a Monte SS 2004r to rebuild. The bigggest challenge is finding enough time to keep the project going.

I appreciate all of the advice you guy's give!
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Welcome to VetteMOD. Looks like it's spring, lot's of people from the northeast coming out of hibernation:)
Hi and welcome :hi: Got any pics of said beast?

Here's a few. (Hope I'm doing this correctly.....)

Pay no attention to that miserable stance. :( the rear spring is shot, rear body mounts have seen better days, and the tires are the wrong size. But it has new paint! Thr trick is going to be performing the body off restomod without screwing up that new paint.


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Yeah, the car looks really good from a few feet away. Look underneath and it's a whole nother story!

If anybody has a clue what those wheels are I'l love to know. I can't make up my mind if I like them or not. They don't have any markings on them, but they're one piece polished aluminum with fake rivets.

The grand plan has grey center 17" TT's on this when it's done. If I'm broke by the time the body is back on I may run these for a while. :search: