new guy frm Il.


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Apr 19, 2008
Decatur Il.
Hi vette guys,Im slowly but surely getting my 81 as I like it,started w/sportsman heads/cam/,tunnelram,Friends couldnt believe I would cut a hole in my hood,they dont understand,I had to repaint the hood after alterations and the paint didnt match, [black] Every show I went to it was the first thing I was told, like I didnt know[I am a little color blind] but not that bad. So i figured out a way to camoflague it by adding flame decals. They turned out better than I thought I got a first place trophy a the first local show I went to. I got the bright idea last spring to go to a dart block 427.I installed the heads/cam etc on the 350 [first time] so I figured I would order the 427 shortblock and install the rest,It was a headache but turned out great,I had a local shop ready to dynotune it and a mechanic buddy to install it when it was ready. Well you know what they say about best laid plans.When it was ready the shop and my buddy both said they were to busy. Not having anyone I trusted to do it I bought a motor hoist,cleaned out my 1.5 car garage and put it in [1st time]. Ive got about 900miles on it so far and it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it.I know I should have beefed up the rear first,but its next on the list.sorry about the length I tend to ramble. I apreciate any help - advice, from vette people thanx.
Welcome aboard. Personally, I usually don't care for flames, but yours works for me. Nice job.
I have an 81, and if Kalifornia allowd it, my wife would like nothing better than her car to look like that.