New FFR supercar


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Nov 5, 2011

Still wish they’d do c2. :)
Pretty cool car. It was early am so watched without audio. Kinda surprised they didn't tease with some CFD aero analysis, given all the VR and CAD integration they did. Also a bit surprised they didn't spend some bucks on some wind tunnel time. Both would be very good sales points. (If they "mentioned" I missed it - she was sleeping...)

Cheers - Jim
When I made a visit at the Factory Five shops in MA - I was Very surprised that the room in my Pontiac Solstice Coupe cockpit was larger than the Daytona Coupe. Foot room was my no-go. Really surprised.

Cheers - Jim
They redid the 65 coupe a year or two ago. It has a new frame. I wonder if they improved it in the footwell. This new one shares the same chassis.
in a local coffee and cars is one of the new shelby america or what ever its called daytona coupes and i salivate everytime i see it. its so sweet