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Sep 2, 2009
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A local Panhandle Racer (Pensacola, FL) was killed this past week. There are lessons to be shared for anyone who mounts tires.

Bob Lembcke was getting wheels to put on his Super V so he could take it to the chassis dyno next week. Apparently the Mag wheel rim had split, and a piece of it hit him He was using old tires for the dyno work and had new tires for racing. It is unknown how much pressure was being used.

He must have been trying to seat the bead and maybe the bead popped against the edge of the rim and caused it to break off. He did survive the initial injury as there were 2 other spots in the shop with smaller pools of blood and drops on the floor in between. It must have happened Wed. night from the dryness of it all and he was found Thurs morning by a friend who was meeting him for lunch. Where he was found it looked like he was trying to get his pants off to try and stop the bleeding. Lousy way to go.

from another racer, who watched a Goodyear tire guy get knocked on his butt and unconscious and the top half of a Panasport wheel go across the paddock and bounce off the hood of a state troopers car one day at Limerock. The explosive force was absolutely incredible.

Please Be careful!
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