Modifying L88 hood to raise center


Der Maulwurf
Mar 5, 2008
A RamJet 502 will not fit under a L88 hood, I knew that beforehand because of what Bullshark posted over the years. I was not aware that one could buy a taller than normal L88 hood like Sadistic has on his car. That one came from Vanacor?

Anyway, here's how I modified an Ecklers hood (which needed work anyway because of the poor packaging resulting in the hood to have cracked corners and a busted up front)

The Vanacor hood (and I think Bullsharks too) has a raised outer section. I wanted to raise just the inner section, so out came the saw....


Checking to make sure it clears the TB, this is the where the clearance issues start.

Since the cut top part was moved inward and back the center had to be trimmed on the sides to make it fit in the center.

I used tape and clear plastic film to create a backing to be able to lay the glass on the underside.

Glassing it all in.

The result for now, still needs a lot of filling and sanding before it's done. The backside near the windshield needs to be trimmed and contoured also. It's no much closer to the windshield because the top was set back. I'm going to have it as close as possible without the wipers hitting for a clean look.

That is incredible! Awesome work, I wish I was that good with 'glass:wink:
It really isn't that hard, if you can hold a brush and a pair of scissors you can do it.
A cold shower and scrubbing with some really works! Do not wash w/ warm water, your pores will open and the needles will embed.
A cold shower and scrubbing with some really works! Do not wash w/ warm water, your pores will open and the needles will embed.

Where do we get panties for this?? Do you have a large supply. :lol:I could see me asking Jiggles for panties to shower with. :twitch::eek::smash:
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Nice job there, TT.:thumbs:

Thought about doing something very similar to the son's car.
Mod it...but keep it subtle so it still looks stock at first glance.

Yea! Fiberglass is actually very easy to work with......put thought and planning
in your lay up and pay attention to details and you will greatly minimize the
amount of filler needed to finish the job. And use a fiberglass roller for best results.
TT,, thats just outstanding!!

front flares???? I believe its possible..after seeing the hood.
did your "mod' add alot of weight? I built the first copy of the hood on my racer as I own the mold, it looked like crap and weighted a ton. luckily I`m about 15 minutes from Five Star stockcar bodies, they build all the GM Nascar front & rear bumpers as well as all the GM NHRA pro stock bodies.....they used the term "resin rich" as to why mine was so heavy.....long story short, they built a hood from my mold that weighted 1/2 of what mine weighted and looked ten times better.....Oh, and they did it in two days.
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It's resin rich but I don't have a vacuum bag setup or a mold where you can use little resin and a roller. Doing it with the tape as a backing requires more resin to properly soak the matte. That car isn't on a dyet, don't care about weight, as long as the injection fits under the hood.